Sometimes I can’t start blogging because I have no post title.

And now I can move on. Mostly random shit tonight folks.

– Bugles have become my new honey mustard pringles. To the point that my lips and tongue are burnt from the salt. It’s a good burnt though. And still I keep eating them. Im eating them right now you know. Do you feel a little dirtier? knowing that? I think you do.

– The good thing about a sleep machine is that I have a lot of more energy than I used to. For example, I was at my dad’s the other day and the phone rang. Usually I don’t move when this happens (hey, he can haul his 64 year old ass off the chair just as well as I can and it’s his phone. Don’t you judge me, Im looking out for his heart health). But before I could even think twice, my leg twitched like I was going to get up. He was out of the chair answering it before things got out of hand and I was moving limbs or anything crazy but we were both impressed with my new found prowess.

-The bad thing about a sleep machine is that I don’t automatically wake up anymore. I sleep in. Ive been late for two appointments this week because my handy little internal alarm clock was apparently the sign of severely dysfunctional circadian rhythms.

– I’ve never successfully spelled the word rhythms on my first try.

-Here is an exciting twist in my ongoing love affair with Sheetz. It happened Saturday after having a lengthy conversation with my new friend Dennick about said love affair on Saturday (he is as equally smitten). Less than 8 hours after the conversation, I found myself at the very same Sheetz location that Id said I don’t frequent often (which happens to be his most accessible Sheetz) pumping gas. I look around idly friends and there it is. A big sign that says “My Sheetz Rewards”. Friends, it was like the heavens opened up and sprinkled manna all around me. I’m fairly certain that Sheetz has decided to reward me just for being me.

– Im starting to notice that the older I get, the less I like people. And even if I initially like them? Sometimes I find myself liking them less the second time I meet them. Im fairly certain Im on the fast path to bitter old woman. At least Im hoping it’s that path and not the path to a violently psychotic break from reality. Either way, Ill keep you posted.

Maybe I just need to drum it out.

That’s all I got for you friends…..


10 Responses to Sometimes I can’t start blogging because I have no post title.

  1. lucy says:

    We can get old and bitter together, sweetie. Although, I don’t dislike people so much as I am naive about their intentions, and then I end up bitterly disappointed.

  2. Wendylady says:

    It’s not untill the second or even 3rd meeting that you even get a sence of who that person really is. One can only pretend to be someone for so long.

  3. Andrea says:

    Mmmmm Bugles…really good with peanut butter and chocolate melted on them. Mmmmm

  4. Pascal Ebert says:

    What’s a sleep machine? I have the same relationship with commercial air travel.

    As to bitterness – only the old and bitter are truly enlightened. The rest are liars or simply not paying attention.

    To Wendylady’s comment – I agree. In my case, however, I’ll admit that it takes a good three or four years to get to know me. If you’re still hanging around after that long then you’re clearly defective and usually no longer welcome.

    Bugles? I defer judgment until I’ve procured a box of my own for this evening’s commute.

  5. Jenny Ryan says:

    I love my CPAP machine!

    As a handy, unexpected bonus, it blows out exhaust, or exhalation or whatever, which my husband refers to as “The Arctic Breeze”. So all I have to do is turn over and face his direction, and it stops him from hogging all of the bed 🙂

  6. Jaci Clark says:

    Bugles are totally yummy! Here’s a tip…if you eat salt, just plain salt on a regular basis it will build up your tolerance for the salty goodness that is Bugles.
    Rhythm…ME TOO!
    And what’s with Sheetz? My father has the same love affair.


  7. Dexter Colt says:

    This post reminds me that I was supposed to go to Sheetz and fill up my gas tank. Dang.

    What is this sleep machine you speak of? And, can it double as a suicide machine?

  8. gill_smoke says:

    CRSE, the older I get the more I consider people I don’t know like wild animals. They are dangerous, and somewhat amusing, just keep them in that cage of civility and don’t poke at them too much. The ones I have contact with on a regular basis I consider like trained animals, the better ones have tricks that amuse me, the bad ones need constant correction. This is all evidence of my hash and brutal nature.

    Dexter, with an aqueous poison it could, there’s a “humidity” chamber. If the unit is run without the chamber it can’t kill, just annoy.

    Jaci, My wife’s obsession with Sheetz centers on 3 things, Espresso bar, MTO, Fizz station. AKA Breakfast, lunch and afternoon pick me up. She will chide me for stopping at Taco Bell 3 times a week but goes to Sheetz 3 times a day.

    Gawd, like I own this blog or something. maybe should go write my own post.

  9. crseum says:

    Lucy- Yes we can! I fear I will always be more bitter, but you can be my little padwan of resentment if you like!
    WL- You would think I knew better. Im an amazingly poor judge of character.
    Andrea- BRILLIANT!
    M. Ebert- It is indeed a lot like commercial travel. Without the complimentary pretzel and soda service. And drinks don’t cost five bucks a piece. ok well maybe it’s not. But it’s technically called a CPAP machine. Blows air down your nose which is weird but ultimately strangely pleasant. If Lucy is my padwan of old and bitter, you are most definitely my yoda. In terms of the quasi-Groucho Marx approach to intimacy sir, you can’t fool me as I just read your sweet blog post of manlove. Either way, I assure you as your stalker, that I will most likely still be shadowing you long after I wear out my welcome! I hope the bugles are everything you expect and so much more.
    Jenny Ryan- THANK YOU! Until you posted this, I didn’t realize that the turnip’s seemingly pathological response to the “effant nose” could be related to the arctic breeze!
    Jaci- WELCOME! What a treat to have you come by! And thanks so much for the bugles training advice. I will try it and keep you posted.
    Dexter- Interestingly, I think you just explained why ive felt poisoned the past few nights when i substituted tap water for distilled water. Overall, I think the sleep machine would make a great addition to any evil lair.
    Gill- You read my mind. go back to your own damn blog and stop giving away all my secrets. I chide you for the taco bell because to use your favorite expression “taco bell is a want and sheetz is a need”. Having said that, I have to say, I think your social skills have improved over the years. And now I understand exactly why.

  10. luckybuzz says:

    Your second bullet point here made me laugh out loud. And then I read it to GB and he laughed and then I laughed again.

    Thanks for that. You are a genius.

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