Weekend In Review

Oh Friends, it was a jam-packed one. Im going to offer brief high-lights.

Friday- Went to see Lucy’s husband (my step-brother Reg) in an extremely powerful play about the prison uprising in Lucasville, Ohio. Forgive my bragging but HE WAS PHENOMENAL. The play was PHENOMENAL. I saw the play in the spring when they weren’t “off the book” (a phrase I learned this weekend) and it was intense. Friday night though? It was off the hook amazing. Now friends, I don’t know much about this here play-actin’ stuff but I tell you I was immersed. I can’t offer an educated critique of anything technical, but I can tell you that the play was so good, that I did not engage in my usual m.o. of muttering comments to Gill all through any production. (although Lucy and I both agreed that it was probably a good thing she was not right next to me after she reached over to poke me when they said “shiv”. Neither of us have THAT much self-control.) The play is heading to NYC for the fringe fest. I know some of my readers hail from that area so if you’d be into that sort of thing, go check out the how-to details.

-Hooked up with a guy after the play who gave us a lead on our newest dream project of investing in a side of beef. (Not sure how we got to the “side of beef” conversation but why look a gift cow in the mouth right?) Now I am not sure what is entailed in this “side of beef” but he seems to believe that it’s definitely a group project. The fabus are committed. Stay tuned for project “big meat”.

Saturday- Farmer’s market. Damn do I love the farmer’s market. Brought the turnip (and honestly that’s as close as I got to actual produce this time) Aunt T did give him an apple but that was quickly replaced by cookies, banana bread and soda.

-Realized immediately much to my chagrin that we were placed next to the Asian cuisine lady. She is a delightful neighbor personally, but the smell my friends….it was hard not to suspect conspiracy among the powers that be.

– Also became aware that it took all of two farmer’s markets for me to be embroiled in a social-political morass among the vendors. Who really all are truly delightful people. And tend to give me free stuff across the board (I think it’s back-alley advertising as I then go share the free stuff with everyone i encounter and rave about it). The dark side of this can be traced directly back to what shall be referred to as “the mulberry incident”. I won’t go into details but I think I now understand what it’s like to be a political figure who receives seemingly innocent kickbacks from someone who turns out to be well…slightly suspect. Questions about canning practices and standards and quality of product have come to light. The good news is I have time to make this right due to the fact that the questionable party is off on a fact finding mission in Prague or tending the garden or something and won’t be at the market the next few weeks. Stay tuned for details. And GO TO THE FARMER’S MARKET real time friends! You won’t be sorry.

ok stay tuned for weekend review part deux as Im being overwhelmed with kitties that thanks to my cousin Litchick are no longer imaginary (but at least are stuffed).


4 Responses to Weekend In Review

  1. From off the book to off the hook: nicely done. I, for one, am not looking forward to project “big meat.” Yikes. And I noticed the “shiv poke,” and I knew what it was about. I felt so “in.” Looking forward to hearing about “the mulberry incident.”

  2. lucy says:

    Oh, I can’t wait for project big meat. But really, only you can go from prison uprising to big meat. Fabulous. Thanks for giving Reg his props. After his bit as the warden, I had to go to my happy place.

    See, and I mistakenly thought that the Mulberry Files was about the one-armed guy and not about the preserve-makers at all. Who knew. Keep me posted. You might need that shiv sooner than you think.

  3. crseum says:

    Tyler- No worries. “big meat” is going to be the best thing to happen to the crseum since the date raped dog tongue lickers. I have confidence. I love your interp of the poke. Gill sees “annoying spouse who can’t be a grown-up if her life depends on it” . Gill needs educated. And yes, you absolutely need to hear about the mulberry incident before you or Jaci inadvertently buy from there. It’s ok. We have time.

    Lucy- Aw! Well…I can’t take credit. Project big meat’s inception stage did happen right at the prison uprising play. It was hard not to stare at you when he “did the warden bit” because I wondered what you were thinking. (not in the creepy slingblade way) I cannot tell you how much I love that you just knew for whatever reason I was over my head when I handed you ten dollars and told you I couldn’t go over there. I love that we have that kind of relationship!

  4. bunny says:

    My husband gets on a “big meat” kick every now and again. “Hey hon, why don’t we go in the neighbors on a cow? Or half a cow?” Then I remember my parents doing that when I was a kid and the parts that we didn’t eat often going to waste in the freezer. I know we would waste a lot because I don’t cook with ground beef. Steaks, roasts, and such I’m totally down with, but ground beef and I are not friends. It’s a texture thing.

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