Sunday Slack

Ah friends. So much to tell you. It’s all very long and convoluted but Ill try to stick to random dashes.

– Im housebound. My license has apparently been suspended since May. (Surprised? Me too! Stupid random proof of insurance check. Come on people. The chances of me even opening a letter from the DMV that wasn’t sent around my birthday, let alone finding the stuff i need, copying and mailing it back in a timely manner were powerball slim.) Im extremely bitter right now.

– This all happened right before our first soccer game so needless to say, we can all add another page in my all-star mother of the year scrap book.

– It’s relatively ok that we missed the soccer game because I found out I was on suspension when we got pulled over for expired plates ON OUR WAY HOME FROM THE DMV WHICH WAS CLOSED (stupid labor day weekend). Turns out there’s no grace period on that 8-08 sticker. Weve been free-falling since my birthday.

– School starts Tuesday. My child is not ready. I am not ready. God I suck.

– I am physically sickened by Sarah Palin. (Ok Biden is right, she is good looking but her soul is a dark place I think)

-Here is what puzzles me about the new ben ten. How did Kevin Eleven become a part of the crew? Wasn’t he an arch-nemesis?

-Im not feeling well. Im sure it’s not psycho-somatic.

-Fun things happened too this weekend but Im not sure it’s a good idea to blog about them. I do have video though….hehehe.

ok hopefully it’s all going to be fine and Ill have more exciting blog fodder tomorrow. Im going to climb back under the covers now and wait for it all to be ok.


9 Responses to Sunday Slack

  1. Canada says:

    Remind me to blog in future about arriving in Miami to look for an apartment for grad school and discovering . . . at the rental place . . . that my licence was expired. NOT a stellar moment, folks!!! I’m with you on the DMV issues!! And I hope Tuesday’s return to school is less traumatic than expected or imagined.

  2. Barbara says:

    Can you make an appointment for the DMV online (we can in Florida.) Beats waiting in line for hours with cranky kids or in my case, elderly parents!

  3. Georgie B says:

    Why would you be sickened by Palin as VP? Her soul is not, repeat, is not in a dark place. Joe Biden’s is though.

    That said, sorry to hear about your DL being suspended. Still, you could continue driving without it. However, if you get caught, penalties are much more severe.

    School starting on Tuesday??? Wow, mine started on Aug 27th. I have friends who started in mid August this year.

  4. Jay says:

    I’m not sickened by Palin. I am laughing my ass off at that choice though.

    Many years ago I got stopped for having expired tags. I then forgot to get that taken care of within the next ten days. Hey I was a college student and a drunk. I had other thing to do.

    Anyway, long story short the dude at the car rental place in Vegas told me my license was suspended and I couldn’t have a car. And, when I got back I had to drive from Tulsa back home (about 2 hrs) with that suspended license. Luckily I made it.

  5. gretty says:

    Me thinks you need to do a Tuesday 10 !

  6. Lucy says:

    Oh sweetie, I consider myself fairly organized, and there’s a solid chance I would have effed up that random insurance check. DMV bastards. We’re so not ready for school either, but after a few years, I know that the teachers don’t expect us to have our shit together on day one. Clean clothes, lunch, transportation. That’s really all you need for tomorrow.

    As far as soccer goes, did I ever tell you my screwing up theory? When I screw something up with a particular group for the first time, I’m relieved because I know that I’m now working with a set of lowered expectations. It’s really rather freeing.

    It’s not psychosomatic, it’s lifesosomatic, and also, I think there are weird pollutants in the air because I’ve been feeling funky too.

    I’m trying to ignore Sarah Palin. It’s magical thinking, really. If I don’t pay any attention to her, maybe she’ll go away.

  7. Dexter Colt says:

    Will someone explain to me why Palin was the logical choice for McCain? Is this maneuver supposed to steal all the Hillary pod-people or what? I think Palin was supposed to counter-balance McCain’s pasty-white-oldness.

  8. gillsmoke says:

    I’ll field the Kevin Eleven question. If you watched the pilot you would have known that Kevin was selling black market alien technology, after getting burned in the deal and becoming smitten with Gwen; he helped Gwen and Ben stop the bad guys (metamorphic parasitic aliens and the Forever Knights). Gwen the suggested to Ben that maybe Kevin would be a better ally than an enemy. Thus the alliance between the principals was forged. Now they are trying to figure out what happened to grandpa. Evidence so far in the series is he’s dead in an alien encounter.

  9. sunkitten says:

    The suspended license thing happened to me, too, recently. I got stopped for speeding on the way to a doctor’s appointment, and the policeman told me my license had been suspended since March for an unpaid fine. The fine happened last year, I didn’t have the money at the time to pay it, and when I renewed my license in January and bought a vehicle I paid an outstanding fine and thought everything was taken care of. The policeman made me leave my car in a parking lot, I had to take cabs all over the city to pay the reinstatement fee and the outstanding fine, and then was told it would take three to five business days to get my replacement license in the mail. I work out of the city and am disabled, and need a vehicle to get to work, so until the license arrived ten days later I had to take expensive cabs and bum rides from coworkers. The kicker was that the same day (Aug. 29) my license arrived, so did the license plate renewal form… the ministry of transportation here in Ontario wants $74 more from me for the sticker for my license plate.

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