Monday Musings

Friends, it’s been a rough week or so. (Well a rough summer. You can read my updated whine on the companion blog should you choose). We are being audited on Friday. I am posting solely for the entertainment of the honorable and revered Madame Fabu as she deserves entertainment under the circumstances.(Note: For the uninitiated, audits suck) Still, as much as I love Madame Fabu, I am reducing myself to random slashes of crseness. It’s all I got left tonight friends.

– The Au Pair is leaving for the State University next week. We are in denial about this mostly. We are also courting a new Au Pair. (We haven’t used the phrase yet…too soon) (Au Pair if you are reading this, no fears. You will always be our first)

– Im trying to give up bread and processed sugar. Not including the 1/3 of a container of coconut pecan frosting I ate for breakfast. And the two brownies I ate tonight. It’s a process friends….

– I seriously think something is clinically wrong with the soccer coach. Like a bizarre hair trigger rudeness that he over-compensates for with equally bizarre episodes of quasi-kindness. It’s puzzling and annoying, yet strangely fascinating. (Despite the fact that Im intensely bitter most of the time when I am with him) (To those looking for some sordid excitement, I regret to say he is not even remotely attractive so no it’s not going to go there)

– School is going well I think. Norm is happy and we’ve not been tardy once. I am trying not to get discouraged that we have 175 more days (or so) to go this year.

– I am watching Dateline right now. As they describe the crime, I am looking at the man accused and damn if he does not remind me of the soccer coach. Not that I’m necessarily calling the coach a sociopath. It’s way too soon to tell….

– Folks have inquired about the switching header. I apologize for the shock of it and assure you all thatmy intent was not to abandon Live Nude Spidermonkeys. In truth, it was never meant to last as long as it did. Still it had a good run. Maybe it will come back one day….

– I am going to be part of a teacher slate at church this year. This will be the first time Ive taught children about religion since the “OJ” incident in the mid-90s after which i was asked to step down from sunday school teaching (and subsequently led to my final split with the baptist church) (to be honest friends, the parting of the ways had started long before “if the cross doesn’t fit, you must acquit” lesson). Im kind of excited. Ill keep you all posted.

Man I wish I had more to bring to the table tonight friends. September, she’s a harsh mistress. ….


6 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. luckybuzz says:

    I don’t know how I missed the OJ incident.

    And now I really want coconut pecan frosting.

  2. Dexter Colt says:

    Dateline…was that the one with the guy who shot his wife with a crossbow…twice. Was it me or did he come off as the worst liar in the world?

  3. lucy says:

    I didn’t know you were part of the teacher slate, but you’ll be fabulous. And it is killing me that you turned off the comments on the other blog because I really want to comment on that one. It feels inappropriate to leave those comments here. So I won’t

    So is the coach one of the Dateline predators? He is a little overly fascinated with his “boys” and clearly he enjoys being around young children.

    Audit, in almost every sense of the word, sucks without need of further explantion.

  4. Madame Fabu says:

    That’s so sweet! And God knows I needed the diversion! You are the best!

  5. Georgie B says:

    Never apologize for not being able to bring enough to the table. The fact that you managed to touch on about 9 topics in post is a very good thing. I’m lucky if I can touch more than 1 in a given post.

  6. crseum says:

    LB- Me either! It was an ugly time baby. The dog ate the rest of the frosting sadly.
    Dexter- Did it happen in her house? Was he doing tai-chi in the front yard? He was acquitted. I was pissed.
    Lucy- Awww sweetie. For someone who has to pay the price of being my person by listening to the ad nauseum analysis, you are so good to me.
    Madame Fabu- Baby I give what I can. You deserve it.
    Georgie B. – You are too kind. It’s ADD but I appreciate the positive spin!

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