Taking It Down A Notch

Well friends, in light of my recent comment controversy, Ive decided to postpone my “how I came very close to expressing that ‘I kind of think Jesus could be a jerk sometimes’ in a room full of christians last night” report. We will just save that little nugget for next week.

Instead, Ill just offer an update on turnip’s ever developing style idiosyncrocies. (As soon as I wrote this sentence, I looked over to see him standing on the recliner completely naked pointing theatrically at his brother and forcefully humming) (Don’t ask what. He was not emitting rhythm.) I may have mentioned that he’s refused to wear shoes for most of the summer, opting instead for his brother’s often mismatched flip-flops. The cooler weather brought little change in this habit, although he did finally settle on a “pair” consisting of one camo flip-flop and one transformers flip flop.  In other wardrobe related news, for the past week or so, he’s been eschewing the short/pant social norm and embracing the pajama bottom as casual wear.  Sometimes they are basic solid fleece bottoms that could pass as pants. Other times, he toes the fashion line a bit more boldly, choosing pants with little spaceships or dinosaurs all over them. Today was a new twist. A pair of too small spongebob shorts with a long sleeved mismatched sponge bob pajama top. He completely crossed his own fashion taboo today by changing over to a matched pair of white flip-flops to set off the whole ensemble. Sometimes, when we are in the grocery store, I feel silent judgment coming from other shoppers. Do I feel shame? I do not. In fact, I have a well-rehearsed speech on stand-by in case everyone ever confronts me. It’s an awesome diatribe about encouraging independence and strengthening sense of personal boundary blahblahblah. Of course it’s a crock of shit but I don’t feel explaining that any act directed at bending this child’s clothing tastes to social expectations could only be described as trying to dress a rabidly angry octopus. If the octopus has a biting problem.

That’s the cutting edge bloggery I got for ya tonight friends. …



13 Responses to Taking It Down A Notch

  1. lucy says:

    I love it when I see little kids in the grocery store dressed in crazy outfits, and the Turnip is all about finding his sense of self, isn’t he? Kiss the little sweetie for Aunt Lucy.

  2. Dexter Colt says:

    I wore a burlap sack until I was 7 years old.

  3. jennfactor says:

    Ah, the silent judgement of fellow shoppers…
    2 am in Wal*Mart with Big O hopped up on an evening full of mountain dew with his father.

    I love the custome flip flops, though!

  4. Sy says:

    I cant believe I missed the previous post’s fun. Being English, I could have waded in and just made completely inappropriate comments about both candidates and how it will affect me directly whoever you guys pick. Next time, drop me a line when it all kicks off! I promise to bring snacks…

  5. Barbara says:

    The best part is that God is in all flip flops – even mismatched ones!

  6. When my daughter was young, there were time that I dropped her off at Day Care that I felt compelled to seek out a staff member to let them know that I DID NOT dress her like that. She picked those clothes out all by herself.

    Gotta pick your battles.

  7. Arjewtino says:

    I want to hear this “Jesus was a dick” story.

    Because he was.

  8. luckybuzz says:

    Sweetie, you are much kinder than I am. I would be livid if people came to my blog and started duking it out.

    Actually, no, i wouldn’t…I would just delete. 🙂

    And OMG, I cannot wait to see your boys!!! 🙂

  9. Georgie B says:

    Hi there.

    My apologies again for bringing disharmony to here. It wasn’t my intent to do that with my initial comment.

    I have moved it over to my blog, in case anyone wants to duke it out there.

  10. gretty says:

    I miss the Turnip! I absolutely LOVE it when I see kids that obviously dressed themselves. It makes them so happy and there’s too little of that around.

  11. crseum says:

    Lucy- Consider him kissed!
    Dexter- you “bohemians” are all alike.
    Jennfactor-oh sister. I feel your pain acutely.
    Sy- So good to have you come by even if it’s to rabble rouse. Snacks are always lovely!
    Barb- Yes indeed! That’s the worldview apparently.
    XO- I do the same disclaimer. And you give me hope since GTO sounds like a fashionista these days
    Arjewtino- Oh It’s a coming my friend.
    Luckybuzz- It’s not like i haven’t been down this road before. 😉 And none of us can wait either baby!
    Georgie B- It’s all good buddy! I’ve not said anything over there because i didn’t want to taint the dialog with the crseum drama but im glad you were able to frame it again and have been getting feedback.
    Gretty- He misses you too baby!

  12. Allison says:

    you absolutely have to read “alice, i think,” by susan juby. i guarantee you will positively love it. the main character’s parents let her attend her 1st day of kindergarten dressed as a hobbit and she gets an ass whoopin’ from the other kids. it’s f-ing hilarious!

  13. crseum says:

    Allison- Thanks for coming by! It does sound like my kind of book, although Id prefer to think of my kids as the hobbit beaters rather than the hobbits. (but that could be wishful thinking)

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