For Your Monday Pleasure

Here is some irrelevant monday crap because I can’t get a post together and I know my monday people need this.

First a list of posts in progress: (Does it surprise you that I have posts in progress? Well the word progress is kind of up for a more loose interpretation. I am thinking about these things but they haven’t quite come together yet)

1. The aforementioned “Why I think the original Jesus sayings indicate a generally undiscussed sense of jerkiness in his character and how I realized in the nick of time that as relevant as it seemed I probably ought not say that in a room full of Christians” – I need to do my research plus Im not ready for more conflict.

2. A disturbing establishment sanctioned abandonment of a long standing social norm at one of my favorite restaurants and why I can’t go back there ever again.- Im still working this all out in my head. It was that disturbing.

3. An “about town” review of a dance I went to on Saturday in which I wanted to share anecdotes involving my new friend Lars the Protector (who is a stand-up comedian, which of course elevates him to instant star status in mind) and others “on the scene”. Unfortunately the review was supposed to involve a report of Y-town’s newly single  Dennick caught in the act of “canoodling” during wild boy on the town moments. – Still working this out plus Dennick stubbornly refused to canoodle by 930 when gill dragged me home (for reasons too graphic to discuss even on this blog)(I will just add that in retrospect, yes I am moderately embarrassed about having an impromptu educational forum about fisting in front of one of my favorite mom-friends and her 17 year old daughter. Thank you pre-gaming. Thank you mango rum.).

4. Another gossipy speculative post on Madame Fabu’s sister’s wedding and my hopes that if god forbid it tanks, we still get to eat all those cookies. (Mother Fabu can make some mean-ass cookies my friends)


Ive been out and about in the blogosphere over the past few weeks and want to share some of my favorite new sites:

MRN: Caturday Night Live. If you like lolcatz, you will love this site. If you hate lolcatz, you will love this site. But this fellow isn’t all lolcatz (or lolhooterzgirlz), he is also running for president with the slogan “snitches get stitches”. I don’t want to speak too soon or split the vote, but MRN is on my short list…..and you might want to stay tuned for an endorsement announcement.

Arjewtino His subtitle is “Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam”. My beloved SIL Lucy turned me onto Arjewtino a few weeks ago and the man is a freaking comic genius.

Elecpencil: Poetry and Angst From A Middle Ager I know what you are thinking readers. “But crse, you hate poetry!” But friends, his poems are funny and don’t rhyme. Win-Win for crse.

ok so what else?
– No matter what you hear, the bloody nose I gave Gill this morning was a total accident. (if that’s what you all want to believe hehehe)
– We seem to suffer from a consistent ketchup deficit in our house and I don’t understand why. Today? My vision of plentiful involves a ketchup glut here at the crseum. My goal is to create that glut by thanksgiving. Then maybe I will make a cornucopia of ketchup.
– I have many rational things to be anxious about right now. Instead, Im deciding to hyperfocus on the fact that I haven’t ordered our book-club books and our meeting is next tuesday. “Well crse,” you might be reasoning “you only have eight days and that’s kind of a big responsibility”. Except Im only responsible for myself and litchick. And she never starts the reading until the weekend before (if not the day before) book club. Someday I should blog about my relationship with litchick. She is so good for my soul, if you haven’t already figured that out.
-Note to self: When you meet a friend through LBGT activism don’t automatically assume that when they say something like “I have to ask you something later but you can tell me it’s none of my business”, they are going to ask if you were ever a man. (It was a hand-me-down clothes question. Decidedly less dramatic. Thanks again Lucy, for talking me down on that one)

ok that should keep my monday folks until i get something meatier…


9 Responses to For Your Monday Pleasure

  1. Arjewtino says:

    Thanks for the linkage, hot stuff,

    I don’t know why, but this line alone — “I will make a cornucopia of ketchup” — just made my week.

  2. Dennick says:

    Oh, don’t you worry. There will be canoodling. It’s just a question of when :O)

  3. Barbara says:

    Don’t you still owe us a couple of shivs from a previous post???? HMMMM?

  4. lucy says:

    “Did you used to be a man” is indicative of perhaps too much immersion in coming out week, no? I showed Dennick the twins (well, more like I showed him my fuscia bra), does that count as canoodling? I know it doesn’t, but it’s my “damn you pregaming” moment. We all have them honey, and on Saturday night, we needed them. “Cornucpia of ketchup” by Thanksgiving! See sweetie, you have goals!

  5. Madame Fabu says:

    Thank you. My soul needed a diversion tonight!

  6. Dexter Colt says:

    Great. Just great. You’re going to make a run on ketchup (does anyone ever say catsup) and cause the price to soar over $140 a barrel. Be calm and rational. We don’t need a ketchup crisis on top of everything else.

  7. gretty says:

    I’m going to need follow up on a lot of the points.

  8. crseum says:

    Arjewtino- Thanks for being so linktastically linkable baby!
    Dennick- What with the cans and the noodles…hehehe
    Barbara- Do you think I might be going soft after all? Man I hope not!
    Lucy- I was totally channelling you with the cornucopia of ketchup! I was struggling with the mental image of making it aesthetically pleasing.
    Madame Fabu- We will prevail baby. And then there shall be cookies.
    Dexter- Fearmonger! I say invest in the ketchup to build confidence in the entire ketchup market (and why is it not catsup? Let me know if you get an answer for that buddy)
    Gretty- Ive got stories baby….

  9. brooke says:

    lol, educational forum on fisting.

    im known far and wide for my bizzare need to talk loudly about skullfucking, so dont feel too bad.

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