Oh friends, we do have ourselves the makings of a much more entertaining political battle. MRN’s people and Maxine’s people have both been contacted about a possible debate. Maxine’s campaign is moving forward like poopflies in a shit storm. She is in negotiations for an exclusive photo shoot and we are working to provide you a “behind the scenes” mini-documentary of the shoot to give you a glimpse of “a day in the life of a campaign diva”. MRN, (as you know) has done quite a bit more work on his campaign so you voters must decide what that means to you on election day(s) Until then, keep the questions coming and stay tuned for the launch of the “Vote Pretty” blog hosted by the committee to elect Maxine Factor president. The poll will stay active until election day so remember to vote for your candidate as often as you want. This is America dammit. It’s not how you vote but how much you vote! (well at least that’s our vision for america here at the crseum)



  1. lucy says:

    I voted for Maxine (natch). This is fun!

  2. gillsmoke says:

    Am I baking cookies as usual or is there another task I’m attached too? I really hope these two don’t become spoilers in the larger campaign, Like Nader of Perot.

  3. crseum says:

    Lucy- I know she appreciates all of your votes!
    Gill- Funny you should ask…..task is such a cold word honey. Try to think about it as an adventure. And by the way, when the hell did you ever bake cookies? You should though. I love me some cookies. Especially when I can taste your bitterness baked into every bite!

  4. Jim Jordan says:

    Which candidate would the public most want to have a beer with? Which one is an elitist who would drink some yuppiefied beer?

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