Vote Pretty: The Interview

Ah friends, Ive been so remiss in my blogging duties. It’s been a long strange week. Ive been working on a campaign spread from the Vote Pretty Photo Shoot and will be posting soon (this would be the half-promise). The much anticipated Maxine Factor interview is now online though! (Much thanks to our fabulous video editor Crystal and our stellar creative consultant/director Dennick) I’ve embedded below. (I also publicly distance myself from any editorial content that may be seen as “tasteless”) (although, if you listen closely, you can hear my voice in the background!) Sadly, a debate could not be arranged as MRN was hot on the campaign trail and not able to fit it into his schedule. 2012 MRN, either way your public will demand it from you! Until then, may the best candidate win. Watch the video and vote below (as much as you want).


7 Responses to Vote Pretty: The Interview

  1. lucy says:

    It was as much fun as I thought it would be! Book, is that even a word? Fabulous!

  2. gillsmoke says:

    Awesome. plain and simple. I’m glad I sent you out in the middle of the night to do that.

  3. crse says:

    I was wrong. You can’t hear me at all. That would be Dennick as interviewer. Im editing for appropriate props.

  4. George B says:


    I’m impressed that you were able to put this all together.

    Very cool indeed.

    I think you just discovered another hidden talent for yourself.

  5. Dennick says:

    She is a hot mess.

  6. crseum says:

    Lucy- I know! How funny was that?
    Gill- It was five thirty. I was home by ten. But I appreciate the sentiment.
    George B.- Thank you but seriously, it was so little of my efforts and so much of everyone else. Dennick and Maxine were all the funny answers. Crystal shot video. I just….showed up.
    Dennick- Isn’t she though? Brilliant job baby.

  7. […] without the hood. Its very hot and Christmasy all at once) “Get your own bitch” Says Maxine Factor (oh yes she is back friends. And strutting around all hot in her lingerie.) (My new friend Danielle […]

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