About The Crseum


Word on the street is that this site is inappropriate, offensive and downright nauseating at times (Im particularly proud of that last one). Please bear in mind material included is pure silliness and should not under any circumstances be taken seriously unless otherwise noted. If I hurt your feelings, trust me it’s unintentionally, and feel free to email me to tell me what a crappy person I am. I may even own it and fix it. However, please note that unpleasant and overly-serious comments are most unwelcome. I may delete you to be kind or I may simply leave you to the wolves (my commenter posse). In other words? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of my damn kitchen.

Cyber-home base of 38 year old woman with spider monkey tendencies, severe ADD and a lovely range of anxiety disorders. My sole purpose here is to entertain you with my dysfunctions.


3 Responses to About The Crseum

  1. -bodacious- Geliebter says:

    Bitch slaps won’t be necessary, perhaps giant hugs of love, but not bitch slaps (or betch slaps, depending on which viral video you’ve been sucked into recently).

    So I am still really new to the blogging world, you’ve much to teach me (especially about WordPress, it seems quite complicated on the inside…many features).

  2. crseum says:

    BG- You are so adorable. You teach me viral videos and you tube and I will teach you what i can figure out about wordpress sweetie!

  3. Wendy says:

    I saw your comment on Death Chic (k). Are you in Ohio?
    I was born and raised there. Moved to Florida 6 years ago.

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