Let Them Eat Paint

January 20, 2009

Of course I’m kidding. See…it’s a play on the myth of the Marie Antoinette quote. I feel compelled to explain my jokes now because (much to my dismay) it appears that I got blocked even from the unabridged SecretTweet site. Apparently, while it’s ok to tweet secrets about bearing children with your teen-age step-brother, stealing from your company, reveling in your drug addiction and cheating on your spouse without remorse, it’s not “appropriate” to share an extremely toned down wish to have Haitian house-servant kids. Even if you specify that you would treat them well. For the record, I’d like to state that if I’d had more than 140 characters at my disposal, I would have explained that I only mention the Haitians because of a recent Law & order episode depicting such a slavery ring as originating in Haiti. In reality, I am open to house-servant kids of all races, cultures and ethnicities. I like to think of myself as equal opportunity in this sense.

Yes, I know it’s “wrong” to want little house-servants to cater to my whims (hey let’s not be sick here, Im just talking about doing dishes and bringing me iced tea…maybe cooking and laundry once they get a little older…I would totally wait until they were adults before I introduced anything more …. personal) but is it seriously worse than bragging about knowingly giving random strangers herpes? Ahh but Ive digressed completely. I’ve also run out of time. Stay tuned for a complete report of our weekend home improvement adventures, courtesy of the Fabus. (Now is a good time to visit the cast of characters if you don’t know the Fabus. They will play prominently in my next installment).

Until then, I have two shout outs.
1. My RT friend and fellow twitter buddy Buff just started blogging so go visit her. She’s outspoken, funny and thoughtful. Check out her recent post about dog birthday parties.
2. Any twitter followers here? If so, it’s a little known fact that Madame Fabu twitters too. See her link on my sidebar.